100L customized Aerosol Dilutor

DL Diluter customized 


DL-100 Diluter customized is designed to dilute dust concentration in upstream air incompliance with ISO14644-3 standard, and used to detect the leakage of HEPA filters in air inlets. It is easy operate and used in combination with particle counter to test dust concentration in upstream air and protect particle counter from high dust concentration.
HEPA filter leakage detection of clean-room, laminar flow bench, bio-safety cabinet, glove case, HEPA cleaner, HVAC system, ULPA filters, negative filtration device, surgical room, nuclear filtration system, collective protection filters, etc.

Dilution ratio : 100:1 
Air flow rate:     100L /min (Customized)
Material:            stainless steel or other
Electrical:           not required