0.1um Particle Counter ACS Plus 128 KM

0.1um Particle Counter ACS Plus 128 /   1CFM Particle Counter


• Size range from 0.1 um with a maximum of 16 freely selectable particle size channels
• Flow rate 1 CFM.
• Built-in measuring data memory for 50000 measurements
• Access authorization concept with password protection
• Software PAS for evaluation of the measured data via PC
• 8.4“ LCD TFT display
• Optionally with removable/ rechargeable Li-Ion batteries for easy operation at various measuring points
• CAN-BUS Interface for management of a network spanning up to 32 particle sensors (slaves) without need of additional hardware
• Weight: approx. 8 Kg
• Made in Germany by KM OptoElektronik GmbH
Easy handling

The large-size display with touch-screen function and concise menu navigation ensures a simple and trouble-free implementation even of major settings. Furthermore, the built-in access authorization concept offers an easy way to grant specific access permissions for individual operators. In addition the non-reflecting display surface allows a data reading from greater distance.

Flexible monitoring

Adapted to application requirements the high-end counter ACS Plus may be used as a stand-alone unit
or as a network monitoring system. Via device interface with appropriate sensors it is always possible to
monitor and record temperature patterns, relative humidity, differential pressure and volume flow, if desired. The implementation of an alarm panel has also been considered.

GMP conforming Design

One of the main conditions for the application of equipment within a GMP controlled area is a surface
design being suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. This of course also applies to particle counters. In
this regard the capabilities for clean room applications as well as the resistance to detergents and
disinfectants are most important technical features which have been implemented with the design of the
surface characteristics.


Model ACS Plus 128
Light Source Laser diode
Size Range(um) 0.1 – 2 (5)
Concentration Limit 150000/ 1 CFM
Flow Rate 28.3L/min
Weight (kg) 8
Dimension L*W*H(mm) 345x265x145
Flow-Generator Vacuum pump
Flow-Control Electronically monitored
Calibration Per ISO 21501-4; Latex-Aerosol
Display and Operation Robust and bright 8.4“ LCD TFT display SVGA, 800x600 pixel, luminous intensity 350cd/ m²,sunlight readable transmissive TFT active-matrix screens with cold cathode backlighting (CCFL),wide viewing angle
Sampling/Rinsing Time 1s to 99h,59min,59s
Sampling Modes Single measuring with 1 - 9 measurements for each cycle and automatic averaging, or continuous measuring with automatic averaging of 2 - 9 measurements each
Standard ISO 14644-1, VDI 2083
Printer Thermal printer 58 mm
Communication Mode Standard RS 232 for single application, RS 485 for networking
Data Content per
Date, time, ID number, alphanumeric key, measuring and rinsing time,
16 particle size channels with cumulative particle count
Audible Alarm Single particle detection by acoustics, threshold exceeding alarm adjustable
Power Supply 230/ 115 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz, max. 400 Watt
Operating Range 5 - 35 °C, 10 - 80 % RH, noncondensing