Multifunctional DI Water Fogger for Airflow Test

Ultrapure Water Fogger QLC SERIES Summary 

QLC series pure water fogger or called economical Di water fogger is a kind of airflow pattern smoke machine , designed according to the principle of ultrasonic atomization, used to make airflow, pattern and turbulence visualization of clean-room by atomizing DI water into water droplets (1-10um), applicable for class 100- class 10000 clean-room.

Ultrapure Water Fogger QLC SERIES Summary  Features
1. low cost of after-sales service
2. measure laminar flow ≥ class 100
3. 0.1-4CFM adjustable fog spray, 45 minutes fog spray time
4. 3-4 inches fog spray distance
5. visual water level
6. instant On/Off operation
7. easy fill water port (DI or pure water)
8. visual air flow direction and velocity
9. perfect balance of air flow and pressure
Fog volume adjust: 3 gear : samll,middle, large. (optional) 

Air flow volume adjust: samll to large
Operation temperature: 5℃~40

Ultrapure Water Fogger QLC SERIES  Specification
Housing: SUS304
Output: 0.1-4 cfm (customized 13-23cfm)
Power supply: 220v 50HZ
And more

Ultrapure Water Fogger QLC SERIES Summary  Application

Cleanroom laminar flow tests
Airflow balancing
Wet bench exhaust optimization
Chemical process equipment ventilation tests
Personnel safety exhaust verification
Pressure balancing between rooms and spaces
Leak detection in ducts

Ultrapure Water Fogger QLC SERIES Summary  Standard configuration

main instrument, 1.3m conduct pipe, mains adapter, power wire, operation manual, certification.

Ultrapure Water Fogger QLC SERIES Summary  Optional accessories 

carry case, parallel pipe, clean trolley, background cloth, bracket.