M2001 Smoke Machine

The Model 2001 is a high-purity fog generator designed for air flow visualization in clean-room. This fog generator produces a high-density fog by quenching steam with liquid nitrogen to produce small (~3μm in diameter), pure water droplets suspended in a nitrogen carrier gas. The resulting fog is highly visible and truly non-contaminating. The droplets leave no measurable residues when they evaporate in the clean-room air. This fogger can meet the most stringent demands of the modern semiconductor and pharmaceutical clean-room. The non-contaminating nature of this fog generator makes them suitable for use in an operating clean-room without interrupting ongoing production or other activities taking place in the clean-room.
M2001 is a full-size fogger for generating a steady fog stream for up to ~45 minutes in duration
Small (~3μm) droplet size and neutrally buoyant fog for airflow tracking over long distances
Equipped with 2.5-meter flexible hose and 3-piece extendable wand assembly for convenient directional control of fog output.

Dimensions       533x406x381mm
(WxHxD)        21”x16”x15”
Weight           25 kg (55 lb)
Boiler Volume     3 Liter
Dewer Volume    9 Liter
Power           115VAC50/60Hz 15A
Optional          220VAC50/60Hz 10A

Visualize and track air flow faithfully in clean-room to determine the airflow trajectory for:
- Troubleshooting
- Photographic or video recording of air flow patterns
- Flow balancing
- Optimizing equipment location to minimize contaminant transport to critical areas
- Finding unsuspected particulate and gaseous contaminant sources
- Finding routes of air infiltration into the clean-room
- Visualizing standing vortices in laminar-flow clean-room
- Studying wake flow behind objects in vertical laminar flow and mixed-flow clean-room
- Operator training on good contamination control practices
Air flow visualization in and around:
- Mini-environments
- Clean benches and hoods
- Ventilation and exhaust hoods.
  Architectural features such as doors
Standard Accessories Provided
2.5 meter (8 ft) of nominal 30mm (1-1/4”) diameter flexible fog hose and 3-piece wand.