Wireless Recording (Validating) System

Wireless Recording (Validating) System

High-quality data loggers for monitoring temperature, humidity, and pressure for medical device and pharmaceutical or food manufacturing sterilization such as steam sterilization, autoclave validation, incubators, and heat tunnels.

composition of wireless data (temperature/humidity/pressure) acquisition system 
The validation system is comprised of two primary components, the data recording devices and the PC Interface System for programming and reading the data loggers which can be programmed.
To begin recording process temperatures, humidity, or pressure on a particular date at a specified time, and continue recording up to 16,000 data points at specified intervals until given further instructions. The PC Interface and the data loggers work together collecting data and create permanent records of that process. 
This vital information is obtained without depending upon external connections; the data loggers are completely self-contained sensors. Program the data loggers to capture the required information. Place the Tracer in your process. When the run is completed, remove the loggers from the process. Clean it off and reinsert it in the Interface Module. Data can be reviewed in tabular or graphical form, and can generate PDF format reports on demand.

Temperature monitoring under cramped conditions
High accuracy
Completely waterproof
Temperature resistant up to +140 °C
Field-replaceable battery
Needle length 10mm to 250mm ø 3 mm
Powerful software 


Data logger Specification Temperature logger
Measuring range -50 °C~140 °C
Resolution 0.01°C
Operating Temperature -50 °C~140 °C
Storage 16000 measurement data
IP class IP68
Sample Rate 1s~24H
Battery 3.6V built-in battery